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Subject: #2356: Orlando Wilson

Submitted by Billfish ( from FLORIDA on 8/16/05 8:20:42 pm:

I posted this on the Picture Post board the other day by mistake. It was recommended by a couple of respectful young men, that I repost this on the Open Topic board.

Someone asked, "What happened to Orlando Wilson"? the other day. I read some time back in a interview with Tim Tucker that Orlando had given up his fishin show and fishin in general after 30 years on the air. He said he didn't miss fishing tournaments and didn't fish that much anymore. But he also said he would never go back to television and he was happy. Most people didn't know that Orlando was a multi-million dollar man before he started his fishing show. I had the pleasure helping a guide friend find fish on Lake Kiss. back in the mid 80"s so Orlando could film a show. We found several concentrations of fish but on the day they filmed the show the fishing was difficult because of high winds and thunderstorms.

  1. 8/16/05 8:23:47 pm Billfish ( from FLORIDA says Well, I did it again.........wrong board. No message..n/m

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