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Subject: #2352: Sassafras River, Maryland Report

Submitted by Reeltimeanglers ( from MARYLAND on 6/01/05 09:56:22 am:

We started out at 6:30 AM today and it was calm and 60 degrees.

We worked Halls Creek first and caught 2 bass on a Lucky Craft crankbait that went 2.1 and 2.4 pounds. They both came from shallow wood on a falling tide.

We worked a few other creeks but it was slow. The grasses had started to take hold, and pads were emerging in most areas. The water temperatures ranged from 70-72 degrees. Most areas were stained to heavily stained, but there were other areas that were clear to 4 feet in the grass.

We caught 2 more bass from Lloyd's Creek, and they were the same size as the two from Halls.

We fished Turner's until 1:30 PM and were getting ready to leave, when we decided to check a spot we have in reserve for kicker fish in tournaments.

It was perfect. It was in the same shape as far as water color and grass as it had been in 1999 when we really whacked them in this spot.

We made the first cast with a Lucky Craft crankbait into the grass in 4 feet of water, and caught the first bass immediately and it bulldogged in the grass and jumped despite our efforts to control it. We landed it and it was a little over 3 pounds. (We caught all this action today on video).

On the next cast we caught another, and then another, all in the 3 pound plus class. On the last cast at 2:23 PM, we caught the 5 pounder. All these bass were on Lucky Craft crankbaits!

We had 9 total, and they weighed in at a 5 fish limit of 17+ pounds.

We are fishing two tournaments on the upper bay very soon, one a BFL event, so that is all the detail we can give until they are over.

We will put out a DVD on the spots and the results of the tournaments and BFL event when they are all over.

New videos of the Potomac and upper bay rivers are available now in the Premium section at no charge if you are a member.

There is a "Live Help" feature there as well for $49.99 and I would take advantage of that now while the prices are low, as after the tournaments it will go up again. Tight lines Steve




  1. 6/16/05 05:49:55 am Pete ( from ALABAMA says It's a shame

    Have you not figured out the difference between the word, fishing report, spam, and photos? You are such an idiot.

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