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Subject: #19903: Morning from the shores of Sam Rayburn Lake

Submitted by Stump Jumper ( from TEXAS on 3/27/21 08:14:01 am:

Coffee,OJ with eggs and sausage.Y'all enjoy the day and may GOD bless.

  1. 3/27/21 09:30:42 am BENDER ( from Martin Bluff, MS says Morning guys

    One day marked off to retirement. If I last that long

    Lumber business gonna be the end of me yet but I spent some time with the owner of the company this week and he is 85

  2. 3/27/21 09:42:01 am BobbyM ( from Toledo Bend says Morning guys...

    Thanks Eddie, got a misty morning here, supposed to have rain but not much yet. We really need some.

    Y'all have a great day. God bless.

  3. 3/27/21 09:49:29 am Frank Eagles ( from Retired Mayor of Rolesville North Carolina [Porkville] says Morning all.

    64 degrees, 99% humidity and dewpoint 64. FOGGY!!!!!!! Sun came out and started to burn it off. Suddenly clouds came and its back again. Rain this afternoon.

    Slept off and on until 7:30. A lot better than nights before.

    Question??? How does a competent ship captain get sideways in a wide canal?

    Not much on agenda.


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