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Subject: #19760: MORNING Y'ALL

Submitted by Stump Jumper ( from TEXAS on 10/15/20 08:10:03 am:

Coffee and OJ are ready. Y'all enjoy the day and may GOD bless.

  1. 10/15/20 09:33:00 am Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Tx says Morning guys...

    What ? No sausage and gravy ? You get us hooked then just let us grave the good stuff.

    Y'all have a good one. God bless.

  2. 10/15/20 10:49:06 am Frank Eagles ( from Retired Mayor of Rolesville North Carolina [Porkville] says Beautiful day. 70 and sunny.

    Slept till 8:15. BoJ's biscuit [Wifey picked up before she went to work].

    On the phone with Edgecombe Planning Director. She is really nice. Got a physical address for the farm [that part where camper is since there are two farms]. Now DMV and tax folks will not be going crazy. Speaking of farms, farmer called, soon, all wheat and soybeans [wheat during winter and early spring, soybeans summer and fall]. 2022, sweet potatoes. 2023, peanuts. 2024, tobacco. Gets rotation right. No cotton this time around.

    Wash under carriage of pickup to get mud off. Then take to get serviced. Don't like to take it there with it coated with mud [spun mud while driving one field Monday]. Then guy doesn't have to have dirt falling all the time.

    Run patch through barrels of rifles to deer hunt with this season. Spray hunting clothes.

    Squirrels quit raiding bird feeder. "Cutting" green hulled pecans like crazy. If I could shoot in town, a pile of dead squirrels. They ignore you when they are "cutting" pecans. Like craziness.

    Enjoy your day.

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