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Subject: #19554: Morning..........Frank, your coffee was cold by the time I got here.

Submitted by Billfish ( from FLORIDA on 3/30/20 0:05:23 pm:

Bobby, a replica would look good but I already have a 15.3 lb. bass mount on the wall. In the past 70 + years I have been fortunate to catch 2 15 lb bass and 3 14 lb. bass and multiple 13 lb. bass. Central Fl. has given me a lot of great opportunities to catch large bass. My biggest bass was a 17 lb.2 back in 1972. I had the bass mounted and had an agreement with the taxidermist he could keep the bass for 3 months as a display for his business. He would charge me half price for the mount. I agreed. Three months later I went to pick up the bass and he had a sign in the window that he was on vacation for the next month in Michigan. Five weeks later I tried to contact him, with no answer. One week later I was told by the tackle shop I made the arrangements with that he had folded his business and was under investigation for fraud, theft and left town. He was taken into custody by federal marshals in Atlanta a year later. He sold all the completed mounts in his business to tackle stores, hunting and fishing business and sporting goods stores. I never did get my mount. All I have are the pictures. I have been truly blessed by the fishing gods.

  1. 3/31/20 09:01:39 am Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Tx says Some great fish...

    Florida always has been famous for big bass, sure would like to fish there some day but as old as I am, won't get the chance now. Sorry about your mount. Have the picture blown up and put it on your wall !

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