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Subject: #18648: Good morning Gang I'll pony up and put sweet rolls and coffee out this COLD morning

Submitted by DougH ( from Heart of Dixie - US of A on 11/11/17 07:20:07 am:

Made it to freezing on the mountain this morning and it's clear and beautiful, rather it be mild and beautiful but can't always get what you want, just what we need... Thanks to all Veterans today and praying for those still serving. God bless and have a great weekend.....

  1. 11/11/17 10:16:25 am Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Tx says Morning....

    Thanks Doug and a big Thanks to all you vets out there and a big Thanks to those still serving too.

    Everyone have a great day. Stay warm. God bless.

  2. 11/11/17 10:20:10 am Frank Eagles ( from Mayor of Rolesville North Carolina [Porkville] says Thanks Doug.

    Morning all. 38 degrees now. Was high 20's for a while. Sunny but breezy. Coffee and a Krispy Kreme cream filled down. Now ready to go to Veterans' Memorial and wait to start ceremony. Will be chilly.

    Guess I will graze at one of the several free or reduced meals today. Hit Golden Corral Monday evening. Usually packed. Thanks to all that served. Remembering those who paid the ultimate price and those who passed due to injuries or chemicals used [friend that had cancer before VA finally recognized agent orange]. Also, those disabled due to serving. God bless.

    Enjoy the day.

  3. 11/11/17 10:58:29 am Billfish ( from FLORIDA says Good Morning.....

    Hope everyone is in good health. Happy Veterans Day and thanks to all that served and support our veterans.

    Veterans have always been on the front lines for this country in war, wars that were not declared as wars, used for experiments drugs (CIA), atomic bomb explosions (White Sands in the 40's and 50's), chemical agents and many other unfortunate experiments.

    I had direct contact with Agent Orange but fortunately for me I have never had any illness from that exposure. GOD Bless all those that have suffered from our governments stupidity.

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