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Subject: #2262: evening secret product

Submitted by Tommy ( from VIRGINIA on 5/20/06 3:09:35 pm:

I am a fishing sucker, have been waylaid by lots of junk (20 cent jig usually work better) What is this Evening Secret product? My curiosity is up. Thanks

  1. 11/26/06 12:50:45 am Corey Landrey ( from California says evening secret fishing

    Its a halogen light. What a Joke. $ 200 I wonder

    how many people have bought it. P.T. Barnum was right.........

  2. 3/22/07 5:41:26 pm hexnoe ( from CALIFORNIA says i need help to cath bass

    my name is jeff and i need help to catch bass.

    me and my friend live in lake isibella =. i live right on the water . thats beside the point iv only caught 4 inch bass, i fish in alot of cover

    but i cant catch them i use panther martin poppers divers kast masters spiner baits and alot more . can you tell me what in doing rong

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