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Subject: #2261: Affiliate Program for Fishing Sites

Submitted by Bass Fishing Tools ( from NEW JERSEY on 2/02/06 11:16:08 pm:

Hello, we would like to invite you to join our affiliate program. Whether you run a large or small fishing, hunting, sports related web site or any site for that reason you could be making extra income by joining our affiliate program. By joining forces you will be making 10% of all reffered sales. Our Net Bait Lures are selling like hot cakes, you saw what that talking bass did in the marketplace. Now imagine what Net Baits is going to do.

By joining our affiliate program you could make a bundle in the process by simply adding a banner or text link to your site. Our average customer spends more than 60.00 per sale. Thats $6.00 per customer you could be earning.

You dont have to lift a finger, we do all the work by providing unbeatable customer service, unique and quality products that people use in every tounament. By joining our affiliate program you could easily pocket anywhere from $50.00 - $800.00 or better a month.

YES A MONTH. Some affiliates that just slap a link on there site make on average of $25.00+ a month. Others who refer hundreds of customers can make a killing.

Just fill out the short form below so we know where to send the checks, then grab the banners, html code, insert them on your website and you're all set. We provide you with up to the minute statistics of your sales/commissions earned. Just login with your username and password supplied in the original email we sent you.

We pay once a month to every affiliate that reaches $50.00 in accrued sales. If you did not reach that mark it will be carried over to the following month till you reach that mark. If you need to contact us feel free to give us a call 1-856-269-0188



  1. 8/26/07 12:48:06 am Rich Tauber ( from says Reeltimeanglers

    The owner of this site, Chuck Warren, stole money from my friends and is a former drug addict and jailbird. He is a shitheaded liar and theif.

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