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Subject: #2253: How many of you customize your crankbaits??? How??? Why???

Submitted by BJ Smith ( from Cattle Country on 3/21/05 4:26:39 pm:

I have been doing a lot more this last Winter...... more for fun than anything else........

  1. 3/21/05 5:07:50 pm tx_basser ( from Sachse, Texas says Nope... the only thing I modify

    is I replace the Split Rings with XPS Performing rings (Oval Shaped). I will though run my file over the paint to scratch it up.

  2. 3/21/05 5:29:49 pm Stump Jumper ( from TEXAS says For a couple of yrs. now, I have been putting the feathered hooks on my crank baits and Rogue type baits...n/m

  3. 3/21/05 5:40:10 pm Skip ( from Temple,Texas says Well I doI use a little trick

    that help's them run better and help's them catch fish but it is a secret. If I tell ya then you will know.

  4. 3/21/05 5:40:52 pm Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Texas says I use waterproof markers...

    I just paint the gills and sometimes the belly . I put some feathers on the back of one but couldn't tell much difference in the catch ratio ! Looked good tho !

  5. 3/21/05 5:42:05 pm Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Texas says Skip's trick is...Let Martha cast them !!!!! ..n/m

  6. 3/22/05 09:44:44 am BJ Smith ( from Cattle Country says Hey.... that is a good trick.... let me write that down.... ..n/m

  7. 3/22/05 4:13:55 pm ETBasser ( from East Texas near Big Sam says cranker mods.....

    Well Mr BJ, I've painted some, scrapped the paint off some, put red hooks on the front only, put red hooks on the back only, put red hooks on both the front and back, replaced the hooks with larger hooks, put weight strips on the bellys, adjusted the line tie so they run sideways and in circles, and the verdict is, I'm not sure any has made as much difference as being in the front of the boat... The main thing I've noticed is I catch lots more bass on crank baits from a Ranger than off the bank..

  8. 3/22/05 7:44:18 pm BJ Smith ( from Cattle Country says Yeah... but can you do it all at the same time??

    .. Josh wishes he could say that...


    Somehow...we have to get you waterborn......

  9. 3/26/05 09:50:25 am Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Texas says Let's see...I remember catching nice fish....

    From the BACK of that Ranger !!!!! All of ET's baits go in circles !!!

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