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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2151: state record bass?

Submitted by donttrustamanwhodontfish101 ( from Michigan on 2/16/14 4:24:28 pm:

Before I begin, I have no proof of this/these fish. Therefore its just another fishing was about 5 years ago that me and my friend were fishing at our honey hole that we found many years ago. It wasn't a huge body of water, only about 17-20 acres however, it provided us with massive amounts of bass. We always use waders and walk around it as far as we can( which gets pretty scary considering its a peat March) while casting to shore and the deeper parts of water. Well, one day we went farther than we ever went around it and.noticed a small creek(4ft wide) that connected to our honey hole. So, we walked down it about 100yds and came across another body of water that was roughly 5 acres. We immediately started casting into it and were catching bass atleast every other cast with each one being in the 25-30 in range, which we considered monsters. We always release bass under 20 in so after catching our limit we were ready to start our journey back home to clean and fry our catch. By the way, people always frown at us for eating bass but I was raised to fish for two reasons , to get in touch with nature(to relax, unwind, enjoy nature, ect.), and to catch food. Anyways, I decided to cast one more time before heading out, and man am I glad I did. My pole was slammed by a massive bite, I didn't have to set the hook, the fish did it for me. After a short 5 minute fight I grabbed him and pulled him out of the water. I was literally screaming I was so excited about it. We put him on the stringer and rushed home. Once there my buddies dad came outside to watch us clean the fish. He seen the monster we had laying on the table and simply said holy sh*t, ill be right back. He came back with a tape measure and measured it. That guy was 38.25".. The biggest bass I've ever seen in person .. I regret it everyday. I should've atleast put it on my.wall. however, it was hard times for us and we were hungry. Ill always have the memory though . We did take a picture of it next to the tape measure but it was lost somewhere .. so, unfortunately, its just another fisherman's tale. We haven't been back since then but, when I'm.out of the service this spring, we're going to try and get another monster. This time I'm taking many pictures and getting it mounted.

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