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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2115: We want your fishing and hunting stories!

Submitted by Crotalus Publishing ( from MINNESOTA on 1/19/05 01:25:12 am:


Have a funny, touching, or just plain unbelievable hunting or fishing story? We don’t just want to hear it, we want to publish it!

Crotalus Publishing’s two upcoming books Bait Shop Tales and Deer Camp Tales need your stories!

All stories must be double spaced, between 500-1,500 words and be emailed to as a word document no latter than February 25th, 2005. Be sure to include your contact information. If you are a guide or own/work in a sporting goods store, let us know and we’ll put your advertising info with your story in the book(s). All submissions become property of Crotalus Publishing. Not all stories submitted will be selected for publication. All submissions will be used on a one-time royalty-free basis. Each author selected will receive a copy of the book.

  1. 2/08/05 0:30:16 pm gary bennett ( from ARKANSAS says story

    i was fishing in a pond when i saw a cotton mouth snake swim by.he had a frog in his mouth i knew if i had the frog i could catch a fish with it. when he swam by i grabed the snake pulled the frog out of his mouth. i didnt know what to do whith the snake. so i reached for a bottle of jack daniels.poured the whiskey down the snake .let him go after catching two fish . i felt a bumb looked down he brought me anouther frog.

  2. 10/04/05 10:24:02 pm Redneck2408 ( from NEW JERSEY says nice one

    that story sounds a lil far fetched but what fishin story dont?

  3. 10/11/05 5:37:23 pm zbvzxc ( from ALABAMA says xczvsd

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