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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2114: Ice Fishing - It's Up's and Down's

Submitted by Jack Brannon ( from WEST VIRGINIA on 12/16/04 10:34:04 am:

I guess I will have to say the biggest "up" ice fishing has for the angler here in West Virginia is the size of the fish in our lakes and rivers.We truly have some "Giants". But we have far more "downs" than "ups".Here is the reason I say this.

West Virginia does not experience the cold that some of the northern states do,so therefore, the ice does not get as thick on our waterways.Then, due to the vast size of our fish, we have to cut such a huge hole in the ice that it weakens the rest of the ice.When we pull one of the huge fish out of the lake, the water level drops so much that a great air chamber forms between the water and bottom of the ice, thus weakening the ice even more.This means we can only fish our lakes once a week if we catch one of these monsters.It takes that long for the water level to rise to the bottom of the ice,thus making it again safe enough to walk on.

We who live in an area of huge fish still have our problems.

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