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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2113: NEW Okuma Metaloids, Epix EB 30 Epixor Er 30

Submitted by flatcoat ( from SOUTH DAKOTA on 12/13/04 06:03:46 am:

I have several Okuma Metaloids, Epixors and the NEW Epixor Baitfeeders. I also have a few of the new 10 ball bearing Stafford spinning reels available.

Available: Okuma 2-metaloid MDS 30, $52.00, 10BB

Okuma 1-Epixor ER 30, $42.00, 8BB

Okuma 1-Epixor EB 30, $65.00, 10BB

Stafford 1- TA 250, $25.00, 10BB

All reels are rebated. Below retail.

I also have a few spools of Spider Line left. It has always been in the house and is still in the wrapper.

For more information please send an email to

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