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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2112: Bobby is really an NBA center who can slam dunk................

Submitted by BJ Smith ( from Cattle Country on 11/01/04 5:14:40 pm:

That is a pretty tall tail ........ a little short on the fishing part though.........

TEST POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. 11/01/04 6:21:03 pm Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Texas says Gonna slam dunk on your head.....

    Now get back where you belong..where ever that is !!! Padded room maybe??? Oh,that's Frank!!!

    Dang Stumpy Sucker..started this !!

  2. 11/01/04 9:17:48 pm Dangokie ( from OKLAHOMA says Now that I have found you guys hiding over here,

    what kind of points do I get this weekend??????


  3. 11/01/04 9:59:16 pm Bobby ( from Toledo Bend, Texas says OH, who's playing?????

    Not a team that almost let the Cowboy's do them in , again !!

    You ain't getting nuttin' out of me !!! I might be dumb, but not stupid !!!

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