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This board is for fishing stories. I assume that it will be a believe it or not kinda thing. The stories do not have to be true but they should at least be entertaining.

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Subject: #2110: Beer Cap Fishing Lures

Submitted by Norm ( from OTHER on 10/07/04 08:20:43 am:

You have to see this online news video seeing is believing.!ctv/Search?query=lure+wars&chooseSearch=ctv&atoz=-1# I will be on the Fishing Canada Show this weekend. We can custom print you logo on these too. We are sponsoring The Battle Of The Brand Fishing Contest as well. Beer against beer. Soda against Soda. Any custom logos we print count as a brand too. Join The Original Bottle cap Lure Trend today. Visit

  1. 1/25/05 3:15:04 pm Norm Price ( from OTHER says New Beer Cap Fishing Lures

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company is situated in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada. Recycling bottle caps from participating bars, restaurants, pubs, trade shows and so forth. The help of individuals, college groups and those who have an awareness interest in the recycling aspect make the recycling effort possible.

    Although bottle carbonated beverages were already popular by the 1880’s, there was a constant problem in bottling: Most of them were unreliable, they did not seal the beverage sufficiently. There were always leaking problems with the drink.

    Many of the stoppers ruined the drink and with the carbonation gas (carbon monoxide)

    William Painter invented the crown cork in 1891. He had to convince the bottle manufacturers to accept the crown cork design because the bottle needed a specific neck tip with a gripping area for the crown. Nowadays our Crowns are usually made of tinplate, electrolytically lined with tin, or chromium plated metal sheet metal (according to DIN 6099).

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company became about in 2001. Entrepreneur Norm Price figured a way to recycle the bottle cap, creating employment, and bringing awareness on how many of these bottle caps are discarded in our landfills in North America. Billions each year alone.

    Statistics Canada “As of March 31,2003, imported beer has captured 12.2% per cent of Canada’s total beer market in terms of value, up from 9.6% the year before,” the agency said. Sales of imported brands increased at more than 10 times the pace of domestic brands. Overall, the country’s 3,225 beer and liquor stores sold nearly $7.9 billion worth of beer in the year, up 6.1 per cent from the previous year and 41.5 percent from a decade earlier. Canada alone neared $8-billion in beer sales in the year 2002-2003. This is only 32 million people. There are 300 million in the USA

    Norm Price, an experienced former outfitter and fishing educator for Alberta Fish & Wildlife, took his compassion for nature and decided to do the unthinkable, recycling bottle caps. The untouched recycling industry of metal bottle caps is huge. In the ever changing revolution of the times, it as been forgotten about the billions of metal bottle caps that has already entered in the landfills. Price is determined to make sure this awareness is applied worldwide. Norm Price turns 10% of recycled bottle caps received into functional fishing lures. The remaining bottle caps are sent to be melted down and re-used in the metal world.

    The fishing industry also being huge in the U.S and Canada. The bottle cap lures are currently being endorsed by 3-time Canadian Sport fishing Champion Andy Vander Ploeg. Vander Ploeg, resident of High River, AB, working on his way to 4th consecutive year. Distributors of the product are found in Canada: Ontario, British Columbia and soon in Nova Scotia. In the U.S: Texas and soon in Kansas.

    Sales outlets include: The Outdoor Stores, Home Hardware, The Fishing Hole, participating Canadian Tire and participating convenience stores.

    E-commerce is playing an important role not only in sales but making the awareness known. Recycling has become a way of giving back for Mr. Price.

    THE BATTLE OF THE BRANDS, a free fishing contest being put forward in January 2005 will consist of finding out which brand will catch the most fish. In the process, any fish caught with The Original Bottle Lure could face winnings from state and world records.

    To make this easier to enter, Norm Price also could print any company logo on blank caps, making it their own brand name. Qualifying for the contest.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company opened its Recycling Division in September of 2004. Hooked on Recycling, its responsibility is to make the recycling efforts known. Through this Division individuals, companies and college students have come forward and have sent bottle caps. Recycling bottle from across Canada, U.S and soon the U.K.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company also offers its outdoor expertise. Norm Price offers packages in the adventure department. Eastern Townships Adventures. This includes fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobile, skiing, and other adventurous outdoor sports. These are available with or without guides.

    Norm Price along with many hard working individuals, plan to put the recycling efforts forward worldwide along with creating employment, making it a cleaner environment and promoting education towards the affects of drinking.

    The product has been initiated from Canada. Norm Price is in the process of negotiating with Japan. The fishing industry is $ 19 billions in the U.S and $12 billions in Canada.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company currently selling 80% to the U.S.

    Norm Price will be receiving sponsorship from Mustad Hooks for THE BATTLE OF THE BRANDS contest. Sleeman, a Canadian brewing company has been donating bottle caps towards this project. Home Hardware will have participating stores to collect the salvaged bottle caps. Pittsburgh Brewery, an American brewery has donated bottle caps. Cool to be Canadian and its divisions is in negotiations with The Original Bottle Cap lure Company. Future negotiations are also in the works. The Original Bottle Lure Company a unique concept, bringing people together, saving the environment soon nationwide

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company has made many headline news. Most of them available on the website. Media support received from CTV News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Examiner, Fishing World News, Myrtle Beach Online, Chicago Morning News, PR Web, Montreal Gazette, CBC News Radio, Farm Show Journal, Le Reflet and Canadian Sport Fishing Magazine.

    Norm Price is encouraging media to contact him for further details.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company has no outstanding issue with beverage companies. As mentioned Sleeman and Pittsburgh brewery have donated bottle caps to The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company. The Original Bottle Cap Lure is negotiating with other beverage companies in 2005.

    A monthly Newsletter is available through The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company’s official website. The web site includes photos, tips & techniques, Forums and much more.

    A letter from Dr.David Suzuki was faxed to Mr. Price, congratulating his originality.

    The Original Bottle Cap Lure is good for walleye, perch, trout, pike, bass, steelhead and much more. See site for details.

    CEO & Founder

    Norm Price


    The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company World Sales Office

    Official Website!ctvVideo/CTVNews/fish_lure_041003/20041003/?video_link_high=mms://

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