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Subject: #3446: Lake Guntersville,Alabama

Air Temp: 68, Water Temp: 58, Water Clarity: 1

Submitted by DougH ( from Heart of Dixie - US of A on 3/23/11 4:18:05 pm:

Gang, the wind was howling today! We made the mistake of going early down towards Honeycomb and the Triton nearly bit off more than it could chew trying to come back up the river around 9:30 and took couple of waves over the bow. Big rollers but, fishing was great! The fish we found had not moved up yet nor did they show signs of having spawned. They were full of eggs and fat! Nearly all of them came in less than 4 FOW on blades and traps. We caught around 20 keepers with the largest just a hair over 5 pounds. Water was cooler than this past Saturday at 58 degrees but we did find some around 63. Still stained but no where as bad as this past Saturday. It was also very neat to not have crowded ramps and saw only a few other boats out fishing. Our best five would have been 20 pounds +/

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