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Subject: #3418: Galveston Bay Complex,Texas

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Submitted by Capt. Alan ( from Galveston Texas on 11/16/09 11:48:31 am:

New to this forum, so a big HELLO to everyone! I am a fishing guide in Galveston TX and I will try to post a report here atleast once a month. I know this is a bass fishing site, but maybe some of you might want a gulf coast update once in awhile. Fall is here and fishing has started to heat up! Two to three weeks ago fishing was a bit slow, but in the past 10 days I have seen a huge change and the fishing has really picked up. At the beginning of fall we were catching fish, but the trout we were catching were undersized trout 13-16 inch trout. Our ratio of throw backs to keepers were around 1 out of every 6. Now we are on better schools with more keeper trout and the sand trout and gulf trout action is non stop at times. We are mainly using soft plastics to catch our fish and depending on the weather we have used live shrimp under a cork at some locations. We are pretty much fishing under the birds in Trinity Bay and when they arenít working, we are drifting some reefs or anchored on the shoreline. Some days it is an early bite and other days the birds are working til noon. Colors of the plastics doesn't matter too much when the birds are working, but try the darker colors with a heavier jig head that seems to attrack the bigger trout. Fall is typically a great time to take a trip, the weather is great and fishing is even better. Itís a great time to get the family out one last time before winter comes. Until next time, see you on the water.

Capt. Alan

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