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Subject: #3385: Lake Mitchell on Coosa River ,Alabama

Air Temp: 98, Water Temp: 90, Water Clarity: 8

Submitted by DougH ( from HEART OF DIXIE, US of A on 8/27/07 03:27:15 am:

Huge thunderstorms rolled in and rained most of the T but we started at 5PM and fished until 1 AM. I managed to finally catch 5 but they were all dinks. Caught them in deep grass near the dam but the winners went upriver and caught their fish in deep water out in front of the grass also. Took 15+ to win and 14.8 to get into the money.

  1. 9/04/07 8:25:12 pm DarrylB ( from says Mitchell

    I have never left a tournament more discusted than I was that night. I was ready to sell the boat! It seems when we do one thing, the fish are doing something else. I feel like we sold out the game plan we had that night, and changed plans in the middle of the tourney, then spent the rest of the night spinning our wheels. We had planned to stay shallow all night fishing the stuff you saw us in, but by dark-30 without a bite, we were second guessing ourselves. It was, however, only the second time I have ever on Mitchell at night, so I really didn't have a clue anyway, but I was still really ticked at myself for how I fished it.

  2. 9/11/07 7:27:17 pm DougH ( from HEART OF DIXIE, US of A says We all were!..n/m

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