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Subject: #3374: Lake Jordan on Coosa River,Alabama

Air Temp: 37 - 74, Water Temp: 49, Water Clarity: 5

Submitted by DougH ( from the Heart of Dixie, US of A on 2/27/07 10:23:19 pm:

Good current and surprisingly cool water with blue bird skies. I worked at it hard today and did not get a bite. Tried everything and tried it everywhere. Spoke to a couple of other boats and they had zeroed also. Still, it beat a good day in the office!

  1. 3/04/07 10:20:32 pm DougH ( from the Heart of Dixie, US of A says Follow-up for 3-3-07

    Fished the club T today on Jordan and we had two fish for 7.5 pounds and it took nearly 15 to win. I do not like this lake Same weather/water conditions.

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