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Subject: #3373: Lake Fairfield,Texas

Air Temp: 47, Water Temp: 60, Water Clarity: 1

Submitted by Mattern Guide Service ( from TEXAS on 2/13/07 9:07:50 pm:

Mattern Guide Service on Lake Fairfield

Hello Everybody,

Jerimiah 17: Verses 7-8; Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

Well the wind today was just a little short of a hurricane. Lake Fairfield is a warm water Power Plant Lake but the cold fronts still effect the Bass and Redfish. No Reds today.

Today was a tough bite with the Bass moving out from the banks into deeper water.

4 Bass were boated today but 3 were over 5 lbs. with the biggest going over 6 lbs. The smallest was 3.5 lbs. All were caught on the Nichols Creature bait a similar type bait to a baby brush hog.Color was Watermelon Red with Tails slightly dipped in Chartruse. I rigged them Carolina rig Style. I fished off Main Lake Points in 5-8 Feet after I had fished the reeds and cover close to shore without a bite.

The first wave of spawners have spawned and 2 of the Bigger Bass had already dropped their eggs and were sitting off Main Lake Points in a recovery mode. They were a little beat up and tails and fins showed they had been through the spawn.

One Big female still had her eggs. In waves one after the other will the Bass come in. The main move will occur durring the Full moon in the next 2 months.

Lake is up another 2 feet and water is moderate or lighty stained. Water temps were at 55 at daylight and getting up to 63 at 3:00 pm.

Bite will continue to be tough until we get some 60 degree days to stablize the water temps. We are in for a couple more nites comming up in the 20's for lows and that will help keep the tough bite.

You can still catch just move out deeper and fish breaklines or the 1st structure break or drop off near spawning areas and they will be there.

Remember my Sponsors:

Friendly Custom Rods

Nichols Lures and Phantom Tackle. All contribute to helping me get on more fish weekly.

Lake Palestine has been producing Bass up to about 6-7 lbs. on slow rolled spinnerbaits and crankbaits worked near spawning areas in 3-6 feet deep. Some big Pre-Spawning females are in the creek channels and pockets near the spawning grounds and the word is slow. But the bites are Big. Good to see Lake Palestine back to Full Pool. It will produce some great sacks this spring.

Good colors are White or Chartruses for spinnerbaits or combo's of both for crankbaits firetiger or black back Chartruse.

For bookings call 903-478-2633 or 903-724-1203 Thanks and Jesus loves you and the Devil is a Liar. Don Mattern Sr. with Mattern Guide Service

Date Added: 2007-02-13

Type of Fishing: Bottom Fishing

Charter Service Name: Mattern Guide Service

Email Guide or Angler:

Captains Name: Don Mattern Sr.

Region You Fish: Texas

Biz Phone: 903-478-2633

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