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Subject: #3371: Lay Lake,Alabama

Air Temp: 24, Water Temp: 44, Water Clarity: 2

Submitted by DougH ( from the Heart of Dixie, US of A on 2/03/07 11:02:24 pm:

Rough at blast off with the temp at 24 but it warmed up nicely and was a balmy 42 but end of T. We caught more than 25 keepers, mostly spots with nothing smaller than a pound. We went to the scales and our best 5 went 12.85 for forth place. The further into the big creeks you went, the muddier the water. All but 2 fish were caught on the main river either on deep rocks or in the grass. All fish but one came on jigs. The Classic in 3 weeks should be interesting!

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