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This message board was created to share information about electric drive boats. I am currently in the process of building an all electric fishing boat. I hope to expand the information avaliable here soon.
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Subject: #2119: Help setting up 36v and solenoids for 3 speed or dart controller?

Submitted by paulyp711 ( from MISSISSIPPI on 6/22/05 1:41:22 pm:

I need some help with setting up a 36 volt outboard. I have the motor running straight to the six 6volt batteries right now. It allows me to fish but it isn't easy to control the boat. The guy i bought it from had a gray box with 3 or 4 solenoids or relays ? he also had a dart controller 65E60 or 65D60 but it was not hooked up and i dont know how to wire it. i hooked it up and it ran for a little bit but when they blew the horn for takeoff for a tournament it shorted. so i had to rewire it straight so i could fish. he also gave me a couple of spares but i dont know if the controller is not strong enough to work. i some one could help me hook up the three or for relays or solenoids so i have three speeds that would work for now. please help if the is any diagram or picture how to wire it any help would be very appreciated thanks paul

  1. 6/23/05 0:17:34 pm paulyp711 ( from Maryland says Maryland not Mississippi

    I am from Maryland not Mississippi

    thanks Paulyp711

  2. 7/16/05 11:43:36 pm paul nelson ( from MARYLAND says 36 volt system

    did u get a solution to your problem. i purchased a used boat with a 36 volt golf cart motor on it and it was set up with 2 speeds via 2 soleniods 18 volts low speed 36 volts hi speed paul n

  3. 7/26/05 1:31:46 pm paulyp711 ( from Maryland says Help setting up 36v and solenoids for 3 speed or dart controller?

    Hi paul nelson i tried to email you but didnt get a response from you i still have not set up the 3 speeds because i dont know how to wire it. if you could get back to me with any help or info it would be greatly appreciated. thanks Paul

  4. 7/27/05 3:58:35 pm Stealth Ranger ( from GEORGIA says Speed controller...


    I have several 12v-48v PMW based speed controllers left over from my boat motor building days. You basically just hook a 5K pot ( variable resistor ) to the box and it controls the speed for you. It is truly variable.

    I can sell you one for $250.00....

    If you are interested....

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