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This message board was created to share information about electric drive boats. I am currently in the process of building an all electric fishing boat. I hope to expand the information avaliable here soon.
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Subject: #2111: Motorguide propellers

Submitted by gesdim ( from OTHER on 10/03/04 7:41:17 pm:

I call with question about Motorguide propellers; I need some more information about different between Motorguide Energy Series ET22, and Motorguide ThrusterSeries,Thruster TT2500,2-blade propeller (diameter, pitch) ? For 3 blade Ninja machete propeller, Motorguide give size 3 inch or 31/2 inch propeller, but maybe this is DC motors diameter, not propeller outside diameter ? How big is outside diameter of 3 blade Ninja machete propeller's ? Which Mguide propeller recommend for my homework trolling motor with DC motor(12-24V/2400RPM), 8.5Amp (for use on the ambient conditions). I've make test With Mercury 2HP Lightning propeller, DC motor takes 4.5Amp/12V and 9.5Amp/24V

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