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I am looking for some knowledeable people to help me with finding a solution to providing electric propulsion to a sail boat. I have an 8500# full keel 28' boat with a 13x10 three blade prop. So far I found that I need a 48VDC, 4KW, variable speed. My optimum shaft speed is about 1250rpm I think. I need some kind of controller, a forward,neutral,reverse throttle, a battery meter, a regenerator, so when I sail I can charge the batteries with the spinning prop. A direct drive 3000rpm variable speed motor might work. I can't afford a manufactured set. I think I can buy all the bits and pieces if I could find the sources and some advice. The Stealth out board looks interesting. What is the thrust on the 48V model and will the prop freewheel, while I sail and charge up the batteries? Thank you, Carol