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Stick Marsh/Farm 13

By: George Welcome
December, 1999

Stick Marsh/Farm 13, located in Fellsmere, Florida is one of the hottest big Bass lakes in the U.S of A. LM Bass over 7 pounds are consistently taken from this "catch and release" lake and a typical day on the water will yield 30 or more catches with many days yielding 80 plus catches.

This awesome fishery has easy accessibility from Interstate 95 and is only 1 hour from Orlando/Disney area. Exit 70, which is the Palm Bay exit, is 25 minutes from the most dynamic scenery and fishing paradise that you will find anywhere. If coming from the south, exit 69, which is the Fellsmere exit, is only 25 minutes also. The ramp is located at the end of Fellsmere Grade Road off of route 507 at the C54 canal. Route 507 runs between Palm Bay and Fellsmere and is called Babcock Street in Palm Bay and Boulevard in Fellsmere.

Lodging accommodations include several Motels at exit 70 in Palm Bay, and several Motels at exit 60 in Vero Beach. There is a campground, (no tents), located at the Fellsmere exit (69) within 100 yards of I95. There are no immediate camping facilities that accommodate tents but within 45 minutes is Middleton's on Blue Cypress Lake.

Bait and tackle locations can be found in Palm Bay, Fellsmere and Vero. They include B&S Bait and Tackle on Babcock Street in Palm Bay: Stick Marsh Bait and Tackle on Route 512 in Fellsmere: Wal-Mart on Route 60 in Vero Beach. Licenses can be obtained at any Wal-Mart location in Florida.

Fishing the waters of Florida can be a little confusing, as no matter where you look, all of the water looks very fishy. However, armed with a little information you can have a very successful and productive day on the water. Key things to look for on the Stick Marsh/Farm 13 are currents either caused by pumps, spillways, or wind. Hydrilla banks on edges of boat trails hold many fish and depending on the time of year will fall victim to plastics or crank baits. Spawn occurs here over a relatively long period. Outstanding fishing due to pre-spawn and spawn can be expected from December to May with the largest spawn activity during the months of March and April. Bedding areas are usually found in open water as water depths are generally 5 feet, or less. These waters have many stumps and branches under water and these areas make for ideal bedding areas for the Bass.

Typical tackle would be bait casting or spinning outfits with a minimum of 15-pound line. Baits consist of many different plastics, crank baits, and top water lures. Carolina rigged plastics are by far the largest producer year around with a major emphasis on the word "slow". When current is found placing the lure in the current and just twitching it will produce Bass, Bass and more Bass. Texas rigged plastics jerked across hydrilla mats and allowed to sink into holes produce some of our largest bass.

No matter what you are seeking, large quantities of quality Bass, or that Bass of a lifetime, you will probably realize your dream on Stick Marsh/Farm 13. We have some of the best water in the world and also some of the best guides to help you in realizing your dream.

George & Scott Welcome
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