Oklahoma Summer Fishing

By:Rick Williams
May, 2001

Summer is the most difficult and challenging period for bass fishing. This period, when the surface water temperature exceeds 75 degrees F, begins in late June or early July and extends into late August or early September. Bass continue foraging during the warmest water period, but they become increasingly more difficult to locate. Most bass avoid water that exceeds 80 degrees F and seek locations that range from 77 to 80 degrees F. Along with temperature, dissolved oxygen is a major factor in determining where bass are found during summer. Many oklahoma lakes stratify at depths ranging from 6 to 20 feet, and below the stratification level there is no oxygen or fish. During this summer period bass move into shallow water near shore during the early morning, late evening, and night-time to feed. Temperature and light condition is least stressful during these hours. Largemouths are sight feeders, and they forage much more during low light and darkness than many anglers believe. Shaded water areas like docks or brush piles in 8 to 20 ft can be real bass hotspots in summer.

Largemouth bass forage most actively during twilight, dusk, and darkness during summer. Thus, major bass fishing efforts should coincide with these times. The best fishing strategy starts in shallow waters by fishing structures that are located near deep water which also contains structure. Bass that are loafing and resting in deep water during the day will move into the nearest shallow water structure that has food available during these periods of low-light intensity. Rip-rap along the dam, pockets and edges of aquatic vegetation beds, and other shoreline structure, all located in close proximity to deep water, will hold bass that are actively feeding and apt to take a bait or lure. If the lake you plan to fish has thermal stratification, it will be necessary to determine the depth of the thermocline. This can be accomplished in several ways, but the easiest is to consult local experts or use a minimum-maximum recording thermometer. Fish these areas in deeper waters during full light conditions. On lakes that do not stratify, fish the deeper water structures during daylight.

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